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The following images showcases the process I usually implement to create a good amount of my work.

Some of these examples focus on the build-up to a singular image, while others are examples of how I go about world building.

Wendy’s Crown Shop (ext)

WIP! Coming soon!

The Elixir Mixer

This vignette of props is part of the LAND OF - Conjure project, as well. It’s meant to focus on some of items you might come across. Primarily, the Elixir Mixer, which is like a soda-mixing machine and the spinning wheel from The Price is Right. The idea being that the wheels spin and produce a random concoction for the patron’s empty flask. This started with a simple sketch and was further developed in Plasticity and some drawovers. It also served as a style exploration to see if the render treatment would scale well to entire scenes.

Animation Idea:

The Witch’s Path

While not much was modelled here, the designs are based on a project that I’ve not yet shared. The objective for this final image was to depict a moment in the story where the witch character creates a shortcut for herself and her guards as they make their way to their destination.


A complex interior/exterior mix environment. This involved created a lot of modular assets for set dressing and creating some loose buildings that could be seen from a distance. The characters were painted over on top of scale figures.


With this chase scene, I wanted to challenge myself and try to do a mix of kitbashing from pieces I’ve created for myself and creating a vehicle of sorts. I also experimented with Embergen and fluid simulations in Blender to get plumes of dust and mud splashes into the base 3D scene. The handybot is purely kitbashed, the vehicle is mostly a unique asset, and the mech is from another project I’d worked on.

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